4 Affordable Businesses you can set up for your Girlfriend in Upper West

The challenge of unemployment is unbearable for most in upper west most especially chances youth ranging from 18 to 35 years.
Your girlfriend would be a burden to you if only you give her fish without teaching her how to fish.
When you give a man a fish they will certainly have a single meal so to keep impressing them you have to keep giving them fish.
How do we make them independent? we want to teach them how to fish with less to get rid off the burden of every day susu on women and not our future.
These are some businesses you can set up for your girl to keep her busy and self-dependent.
1. Selling Credit: selling credit is one of the affordable businesses you can create for a lady in wa. With an amount of Ghc100 you can start a credit selling business which can keep you busy and provide some money for your daily survival. To add to it you can sell some fuel in addition to increase the profit. Just get some 5 star containers and fill them with fuel to add to that. This would help keep the lady going a bit before you plan higher.
2. Selling Noodles(Indomie) and eggs. Its one of the popular businesses we have In wa municipality. With a box of indomie, a create of eggs, oil, a table , a coal pot with charcoal, water and cooking utensils, one can start the business with as little as Ghc200.00.
Gradually we shall get there.
3. Selling Fruits: we all know fruit are a very good item that can easily penetrate the market when given a try.
With as little as Ghc100 one can start fruit business. Just get a conducive location get some common fruits like Oranges, mangoes, melons, banana, pears etc and you are good to go. This business would only be successful if you are willing and committed.
4. Purchasing and Supply: with an amount of Ghc400, your lady can travel to a business town get some Foss selections including bags, children’s clothes ladies inners and sandals, display them by the road side and you can be sure to earn a living if they are affordable and attractive.

Upperwestmedia.net is trying to help the ladies not to be liabilities, With the listed businesses your girlfriend would learn to be independent and not overdependent on you. Being a man has a lot to do than demanding sex and chilling around. Let’s Help the girls to avoid raising more of Moesha Boduong’s type who would be overdependent on men for survival.
The future of our women depends on us.
The women are draining men yet use the money for irrelevant purposes but when they learn to get it themselves, a way of empowering women, they would appreciate our effort, spend wisely, learn to save and plan for the future. With this you would better know the kind of lady you are dealing with.
We aren’t there yet.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/Upperwestmedia.net


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