GES Teachers, Other public sector workers to ‘Secretly’ Forgo 60 working days for ‘Agric Census Job’ in Upper West

Information forwarded to has revealed a plot by some public sector workers in wa and other surrounding districts of upper west including Teachers to forgo their usual work duty for another assignment they applied for at the Ghana Statistical Service.

The said workers will spend 60 working days at the field as enumerators and supervisors to collate data pertaining to agricultural activities in allocated areas in the region. The workers will go for a training which will begin from 16th April to 25th April 2018 from 8:30am to 5:30pm daily at the Inn Service Training Center.

The counting exercise is expected to take 28days before and supervision, data collection And monitoring will continue for another 32days.

According to the overseer of Statistical Service in Upper West, Sixtus Dery, he has already warned persons in public sector to withdraw from the exercise before people in authority gets to notice their absence in line of duty but is yet to get a response from them.

The said workers were asked to bring release letters from authorities but all to no avail. is yet to contact various public sector authorities including the Regional Director of education to get his opinion on the issues.

Agricultural Census has not been conducted for over 33years now and it’s to be conducted to collect reliable data for agric development.

The names will follow soonest.



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