Jirapa MCE Accused of Corruption, Assembly threatens with Vote of No Confidence

Some members of the Jirapa Municipal Assembly have requested a Special Meeting of the Assembly to pass a vote of no confidence against the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Christine Bobanye Amadu on the grounds of unconscionable corruption, distasteful abuse of office and gross arrogance.

Jirapa Municipal Chief Executive

In a letter jointly signed by 18 elected assembly members and addressed to the Presiding Member, Hon. Helen Zaato, the Assembly members have requested the PM to summon a special meeting and invite the Electoral Commission for the impeachment ballot.

According to the Assembly members, the MCE breached procurement laws and the Local Governance Act and awarded a contract for the renovation of her official bungalow which needed no renovation in the first place.

The Assembly members say the contract sum for the unlawful and unnecessary renovation of the MCE’s bungalow exceeded the internally generated funds (IGF) of the Assembly in 2017.

The MCE is also accused of personally taking one of the Assembly’s pick-up vehicles for servicing and inflating the cost of servicing the vehicle.
On the charge of abuse of office, the Assembly Members are accusing the MCE of using her office to transfer workers in the Municipality.

They cited one incident in which the MCE wrote a note to the then District Director of Education to transfer a teacher out of the Municipality in the middle of the academic year.
When the Assembly Members heard of the said transfer, they questioned the MCE at an Assembly meeting and her response was that it was a Deputy Minister for Education who had phoned her to facilitate the transfer of the teacher.

The MCE has also incurred the displeasure of the Assembly members for saying that even the Paramount Chief of Jirapa Traditional Area is under her, much less Assembly Members. The
Assembly Members further accuse the MCE of saying she can work without the Assembly Members.
These statements have angered the Assembly members who say the MCE is arrogant and disrespectful to them and their traditional leaders.
The impeachment motion comes on the back of the failure of the Assembly to elect a Presiding Member. The Assembly has voted six times at three separate meetings but has not been able to get a PM.
The Assembly has fifty one members and a candidate needs two- thirds of that number being thirty four to win.
The contest has been between Richard Badombie Esq., a private legal practitioner and Mr. Karim Kuri, an accountant.
The MCE has thrown her weight behind the accountant, openly campaigning for him yet he has consistently trailed behind the lawyer in all the polls.
The lawyer has been polling between twenty nine and thirty votes while the accountant hovers between sixteen and eighteen votes.
There was a pre- election agreement between the candidates that whoever would take the lead in the first round of voting should be allowed to go unopposed in the second round of voting. But Mr. Kuri refused to step down for his opponent despite repeatedly failing to make a headway.
The MCE has been mounting pressure on Mr. Badombie to step down for her candidate but Mr. Badombie has resisted all such pressures, saying it is neither fair nor reasonable to step down for Mr. Kuri.
The Assembly Members have vowed to impeach the MCE in order to save the Assembly which was recently upgraded from a district to a municipality from economic stagnation and financial collapse.
More to come soon.

By: Newsstandgh.com

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