Men Use My Pictures to Masturbate – Wiyaala

Who knew Noella Wiyaala was married? We are shocked by this revelation but it’s soo true because Noella herself has confessed that she has been married for some time now.

Speaking in an interview with Beck on her ‘E with Becks’ on Joy Prime, she disclosed to the host that she has been married for over 4 years now—Yeah, you read right, stop rubbing your eyes!
Wiyaala says although some Ghanaians on Social media think, because she has a very ‘hard’ body, so no one man will be interested in her, she has someone who loves her soo much.

She refused to disclose who the mysterious husband is but said that, those in her hometown, Wa know the man. She also said that some men use her picture to masturbate.

She disclosed that the marriage was simple and only four people were present at this marriage.

Her parents, the man, herself and a judge.
That’s strange right? Well, she says she’s being married for four years but she’s not ready to tell who the man is.

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