Chairman Kangberee Donates 100 bags of Cement to Fulani Youth

The Upper West Regional Chairman of the Ruling New Patriotic Party, Mr. Saanibaye B. Kangbere, has on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 donated 100 bags of cement to some Fulani Youth in the Upper West Region. The donation comes after the Fulani Youth went to congratulate him at his residence in Wa on July 31, 2018, when he emerged victorious after the NPP regional election.
He made the donation to help boost the construction of an uncompleted mosque project undertaken by the Fulani People at the residence of their chief. On Tuesday August 7, 2018, the Fulani youth gathered at the abode of their Youth Chairman, Alhaj Mahamudu Issah to express their profound gratitude to the NPP regional chairman for the honor done them.
Mr. Siita Mohammed, Organizer of the Fulani Youth, acknowledged the NPP chairman through the NPP Regional Communication Director and also the Special Aid of Chairman S.B Kangbere, Mr. Bukari Ali Kanjodunee and noted that the actions taken by Mr. Kangbere has refurbished confidence in them that, the NPP party is a party for all manner of persons. He further added that, they (Fulani) were misinformed some time back that, if the NPP comes into power they were going to be chased out, adding that, people like Mr. S.B Kangbere from the NPP have restored hope in them that, their stay in Ghana is guaranteed and will be peaceful.
On his part, the Upper West Regional Communication Director of the ruling NPP, Mr. Bukari Ali Kanjodunee, thanked the Fulani Youth on behalf of the chairman and made it known to the people that the chairman doors are always open, adding that the chairman is ever ready to help all caliber of persons irrespective of their religious, tribal or political coloration.

By: Saeed Fatawu

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