Elvis Botaa Appointed Deputy National Organizer Of NPP

Parliamentary Candidate for Nadowli Kaleo Constituency, Mr. Elvis Banoemuleng Botaa has been Appointed Deputy National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party.

He will deputize former National Youth Organizer, Sammy Awuku who is currently the National Organizer, the forum was held in Accra On 19th September when several People were appointed to spearhead several national positions.

Other appointees include Kamaaldeen Abdulai who was also appointed Deputy National Communication Director of NPP.

Several Npp Media Monitors in the Region including Baba Waala have trooped to Facebook, condemning the Appointment of Botaa suggesting that all the appointees were from one side of the region, specifically the dagaati side, making the party unpopular.


1) Maxwell Lugudor Cofie

2) Elvis Botah

Elvis Botah is the Nadowli-Kaleo parliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party.

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