The Tumu hospital will from now till December 2018 see work begin on its uncompleted fence wall, Member of Parliament for Sissala East Hon. Ridwan Abass Dauda has told RadfordFM .

He said if funds are available, work will soon begin for the completion of the wall which saying “at it’s current state, is a worry to hospital authorities and they as leaders in the Municipality”. This, apart from the earlier intervention and support given the hospital are measures to improve health sector in the area,the MP noted.

The hospital in an attempt to wall is environment to regulate movement and as well prevent entry of stray animals has been able start a portion but lack funds has made it impossible for it to see completion.

Without the wall, Tumu hospital is exposed to threats such that motorcycles gets stolen apart from unlawful entry of its vicinity by some hawkers who finds short cut whiles connecting to other parts of town.

Solid and liquid waste from the Tumu town sometimes finds its way into the hospital environment either by wind, all through unguided human activities and this makes the hospital environment filthy. Stray animals and their nomadic activities keep creating sanitation challenges for the hospital as well.

By: Radford FM