A basic school  teacher of Goriyiri In Nadowli-Kaleo has been accused of Defilement by parents of an 11 years old girl who attends Nadowli  R/C Primary  School and is in class 4.

She was reported  to have been lured through energy drinks purchased for the girl by the Teacher only identified  James Ziemah  from Daffiamah Kunzokalaa.

According  to sources  in Nadowli,  the girl was hosted in the teacher’s  room and due to her long absence from home after school her parents were alarmed by that strange attitude  of their daughter and it took vigilant residents  of Nadowli Town to trace the girl  to the Teacher’s house.

The teacher, Ziemah  who is married with Kids after the act was  alarmed and had to go into hiding for several days but was later lured from hiding and arrested. He was sent to Nadowli Police Station and the girl also sent to the Nadowli hospital  for medical care  as she couldn’t  walk normally.

By: Upperwestmedia.net