Introduce ‘Security Studies’ for 2019/2020 and Discard ‘HND Accounting’ Program – Alumni Group to Wa Poly

A group of Concerned  past Students of WA Polytechnic  have called on the Institution  to have talks with the National Council for Technical  Education in the Interest  of the School to Replace the HND Accounting program being offered presently to HND Security  Studies.

Wa Polytechnic, Lecture Theatre

According  to the Alumni  it will be more competitive  and lucrative  in the market  as so many organizations need experts in security and would gladly add security  studies to the employment  cariculumn.

Throwing  more light they said the Accounting  program  offered has made more Accounting students Jobless since any employer  would prefer a degree or a chartered Accountant compared   with HND Accounting  which is not even a Technical  Program.

They concluded  by saying most accounting students have diverted from their core mandate into education  in search for jobs and by this we urge for a better course like Security Studies in Place of Accounting  as we are ready to channel our support  to that effect,  they said.

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon Simon Osei Mensah has challenged Universities in Ghana to explore further avenues to develop more career-specific courses and programmes for students in order to reduce the high rate of graduate unemployment in the country. According to him, the ruling Government was committed to creating more job opportunities for the graduates and youth of this country, which effort he said could be enhanced if private individuals are equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge to create their own employment.


We as Past students of WA Polytechnic deem this an opportunity  to clear the air by highlighting on issues we think are a hindrance  to the development  and achievements of our past students and incoming  ones.  Accounting  is a very good program to study but with the composition  of it and how common it is in Universities, many employers would opt for the highest  qualifications based on the supply level knowing very well the graduates have outnumbered  the opportunities.

Most graduates from WA poly have found it difficult  getting employed with their HND in Accounting  certificate  because  an employer  would prefer a degree with ‘pass’ rather than a ‘First class HND in accounting’ 80% of Job adverts have opted for at least a first Degree which doesn’t call for HNDs.  So in our gentle suggestion  as concerned past students we wouldn’t  be hopping to produce  liabilities  but problem solvers and by this suggest a more competitive  course like ‘HND in Security Studies’  be introduced as every organization  needs security  experts. Security  professions have been limited and tagged as a school ‘Drop-out’ profession and this speaks negative volumes  to indicate  how nonchalant we regard our security if inexperienced  persons are allowed to take charge, the interior ministry  will certainly  demand from a pool of your trainees, the private organizations will come and even Schools with security  workers will allow workers to come and upgrade.

Thank you!

Concerned Alumni

Publicity Team

Tuorimuo Elvis Philip


One thought on “Introduce ‘Security Studies’ for 2019/2020 and Discard ‘HND Accounting’ Program – Alumni Group to Wa Poly

  1. The concerns though good, it was poorly articulated. It should have limit itself to demanding additional program in Security but not to suggest truncation or abrogation of somebody’s preferred option


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