WA to Tumu: Drivers go on Strike Over Misunderstanding With Passenger

The drivers union moving from Tumu to Wa have gone on an indefinite strike for what they refer to as distortion of character.

According the drivers one of them was accused of Theft and was also disrespected in the presence of the Tumu royal house.

The driver who was traveling from Tumu to Wa was accused of misplacing a bag belonging to a passenger aboard the Ovan.

The passengers who saw the bag fall, drew the attention of the driver to stop and on their way back, the unfortunate happened as the bag wasn’t found. The passenger blamed the driver and the browl was extended to Tumu police station to be resolved, according to eyewitnesses, the driver was asked to pay Ghc400 to the passenger as replacement but this still didn’t go down well with the passenger, the issue was extended to the Tumu chief palace where the passenger was reported to have slapped the driver in the palace.

That was in the absence of the Tumu Kuoro who doubles as the President of Upper West Regional house of chiefs, Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton II who left for an official meeting outside Tumu.

The Drivers Union expressed distaste with the attitude of the passenger and decided to go on strike till they have received an apology.

Some residents according to reports have threatened to cause havoc at the lorry station if pushed.

By: Prince Daud Katouri


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