Some Residents in Douri Threaten to Close Deadly U-Turn on Kambali Road

Some eyewitnesses of Today’s Accident Scene have suggested they’ll put in their own measures to reduce such uncertainties because their plea to people in authority has been ignored.

JJ Rawlings High Street,Wa

According to anonymous people who were present at 4am in the morning, the Accident was one of the usual crashes they witness on that particular U-Turn frequently and due to this, many people have lost their lives and parts of their body as a result of accidents on that stretch.
Upperwestmedia checks around the area proves 33 Accidents were recorded at the U-Turn in 2018 with 18 resulting in Death, 21 in 2017 with 9 deaths. A notable lecturer of Wa Polytechnic Mr. Yaasin of the Dispensing Technology Department met his untimely death at this same point.

Commercial workers by the road and other residents have suggested they’ll close the U-Turn t curb impending Accidents and deaths and asked people not to receive the closure in bad faith when they see it because it is in the interest of all.
The said U-Turn is located on the Rawlings high street and directly opposite Wa School for the Blind.



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