Some Ghanaian Pastors Becoming a Threat to the Security of The State

Ever since we began social media And Television preaching, Ghana has gradually moved towards the unethical concept of communication which is gradually introducing intolerance amongst the various religious bodies leaving in Harmony.
Some group of self aclaimed men of God have bought into the conscience of influential people in Ghana and by this have grown horns to predict what they refer to as revelations of people from God which in the other hand have indirectly become a life threat to them exposing them to all forms of hazards and in the end will be blamed on spiritisms.
Popular pastors in Ghana, Nigel Gaise, Owusu Bempah etc have gradually become the topic of the day for negative reasons that can make Ghana even worse than Yemen when the two most dominant denominations in Ghana become rivals for the mere reason that some pastors have set them apart based on shallow prediction to get a cheap name.
The issue will not solely be blamed on them but also the media which should enhance citizens access to information for good governance. Some media houses in Ghana are gradually being thrown to the dogs because they have failed to draw the lines between what should be deteriorating the publice peace, security and state of mind and what will make the media houses timely, popular and most visited blogs and stations.
Ghana media is gradually moving from targeting quality to quantity because money has become the hallmark for publicity and not ethics and purpose.

The Ghanaian citizens will not be left out. Ghanaians have for a long time not realized that we share more of what doesn’t make sense or is ethical on social media than developmental, social initiatives and benevolent contents. How do we expect the best to happen if we don’t champion the best by sharing, talking of them and recommending them. Immediately a Ghanaians sees a nude video they are quick to share it in all groups, platforms, pages,statuses etc to disgrace, embarrass and make the victim unpopular but immediately they hear of an achievement or a positive act by an individual or organization, they ignore it with the mentality that it’s normal, should be happening or if hailed, the person will feel arrogant or full-of-themselves, isn’t it better to be full-of-yourself for the right purpose rather than the wrong? The black man naturally loves attention and appreciation so when they are hailed for doing good they’ll continue, in the same shoe when they are hailed for doing bad they’ll surely continue in that lane, that is why most of our so called celebrities are always in the news for negative reasons, everyone of them is trying to be a champion of the bad and not good because when they do good they are never shared on social media or praised except its a nude pic or a flirt, how do we expect to see the best? Lets stop sharing the negative more and do share the positive, we’ll see the change. Sharing the positive will not get you more likes but time will favor you as people get used to what they see or hear. I bet this post will get the least shares because it’s not about a nude video or about sex and how to enhance it.
Finally, the physical life we live has always been controlled by a set of people in life, money has always been printed, do you bother to ask who prints money? Do they also get poor or lack it? Who also regulates the regulators?, Ghana is a peaceful place and people from even external bodies are working hard to destabilize it, these are some of the ways, through the use of religion and when that happens, amunitions will be pushed in here to make money from us and it’s through some of these petty routes(religious tension).
Pause Bempah and the likes should not be shared by Ghanaians on social media and other groups to avert such insanity.
Let focus on sharing the positive, it will send us far, more people will join that lane because they’ll get attention.

Tuorimuo Elvis Philip

Instagram @elphil88

University of Education,Winneba
BBA HRM 400.


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