Wiyaala on BBC’s list of “Amazing African Women” 2018

Yes, it’s another feather in the cap for Ghana as Wiyaala makes it to BBC’s list of “Amazing African Women” for 2018.

The Upper West songstress took her place alongside Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American to be elected to the US Congress, Sahle-Work Zewde, Ethiopia’s first female president, South African wrestler Cindi Gold, Somalian boxer Ramla Ali, FGM warrior Agnes Pareiyo and others as examples of African women who have stood up to be counted amongst those who have battled their way to the top.
It can not be denied that Wiyaala, aka the Lioness of Africa, has had a remarkable 2018, touring four continents worldwide enchanting multiple audiences with her charisma, energetic stage performances, towering vocals, and inspirational message.
It was all summarised in a BBC interview when she declared she was proud of her short hair and black skin and she in no way wanted to be a clone of any other culture. The feature provoked a firestorm of worldwide approval and became the fourth most watched BBC video of 2018 with more than seven million views.


By: Ghanag

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