Lambussie Constituency NDC Branch Holds Orientation for Executives

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) branch of Lambussie constituency has organized the maiden event to orient the branch executives on how to make the party more attractive.

Speaking under the theme, “The role of the Youth wing in rejuvenating the grassroots for speedy re-organisational process of the party. Operation heal all the wounds, cement all the cracks and be solid for victory 2020,” the Youth Organiser of the Branch, Mr. Alipo said the program is to properly equip, fortify, rejuvenate and strengthen the branch executives to start championing the crusade of ‘operation win hands down.’


He added that the orientation will equip them with the necessary skills and techniques to champion the course of the party towards the 2020 election.


“This will save us from the convenient game theory of political deception from this substandard government,” Mr. Alipo stated.


According to him, the programme serves as a projector that magnified their unflinching quest to recapturing power come 2020.


He added that it was organised with the core aim of fortifying, rejuvenating and equipping the constituency executives with the necessary skills in preparation for victory in the 2020 election.


The Upper West Regional NDC Communication Officer, Mr. Prosper Puoire painstakingly took the audience through the enviable ideological orientation of the NDC.


He further entreated those on social media to share the current happenings in this government with all party members at the branch level.


“I plead with those of you on social media to update all our party members at the branch level, the current happenings in this government so that our people will be abreast with issues. This will enable them to communicate effectively to the people in and around the constituency. When this is done Ghanaians will not be deceived again,” Mr. Puoire stated.


He charged the executives to start organising branch meetings saying, “you have to start holding branch meetings with our people at the branch levels if you have not started. It is very significant to meet often and discuss few things about the forward movement of the party. It is not only the duties of the constituency or regional executives to call meetings at the branch levels. We have to put aside personal issues and benefit greatly from the branch meetings. We must be hospitable not only to our comrades but also to non-comrades so that we can win more souls for NDC. This is the time. Our elders do say that slow runners begin running early, that they may reach the middle of their journey before the fast runners start their journey”.

The Regional Youth Organiser, Mr. Nicodemus Dery, told the audience to be sacrosanct responsible to ensuring victory come 2020, and that can be possible based on collective efforts.


“We the youth must get prepared to police the ballot boxes in the 2020 election. We will not sit down and allow the NPP and its invisible forces to hijack the electoral processes. We must not remain in opposition after the 2020 election. We will win the election but it all depends on us,” he stated.


The Regional Organiser, Hon. Nuhu Putiaha, commended the Lambussie Constituency Executives for their proactiveness.

By Raphael Derbie

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