Wa West: Regional Minister Commiserates with Accident Victims

The Upper West Regional Minister, Hon. Suleman Alhassan and his entourage on Thursday January 24, 2019 paid a visit to the Wa West District to commiserate with some Victims of a lorry accident admitted at the District hospital.

The victims got involved in an accident with Shanyoung mini bus they were travelling in along the Wechiau-Ga road after they were returning from a community watch dog Committee training organized by the Upper West Regional Security Council(REGSEC) to recruit volunteers to complement the efforts of the state security to curtail the rampant cases of armed robbery within the Wa West District and its environs.
Addressing the press, the Regional Minister noted that, it was sad to hear that the victims who offered themselves freely to be trained as members of the community watch dog Committee were involved in an accident hence the need for him to come on behalf of the RCC and sympathise with the casualties.

“It was yesterday that the Hon. District Chief Executive came to the office and report that, an exercise REGSEC is conducting across the region, they had their turn and unfortunately after the exercise on their way home some of the participants were involved in an accident and there were a number of casualties and I promised that I will take up the mantle of coming to see how they are faring.

They have been a rise in armed robbery cases in the region especially the Wa West District of late and REGSEC decided to form community neighbourhood committee to support our regular security agencies in curbing this menace so we asked from all the communities to always get volunteers and come and the other security services will screen them and get those of them we think they are committed and not having criminal background to be engaged in rendering such services to their communities. So what they come to do we can say was a national exercise because they had volunteered themselves to work for the nation and so whatever befalls them will be our responsibility to see to it that at least they do not regret for what they intended to do for all of us. So that is why we say let’s come and see and motivate them and empathise with them, for them to know that what they have decided to do was not anything selfish about themselves but for their communities, the region and the nation at large” he indicated.
The minister also donated an undisclosed amount of money for the victims and also hinted of defraying the medical bills of the patients. He took the opportunity to walk through some of the medical walls and wish the patients quick recovery.

Meanwhile, the Medical Supritendent of the Wa West District Hospital, Dr. Bejamine Sobilah thanked the minister and his entourage for the kind gestures done them and revealed that the minister’s action will psychologically speed up the recovery of the patients.

By: Saeed Fatawu


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