Lets Heighten Awareness Creation for Parigbielle Festival – Journalist

Manager of Radford FM who also doubles as Host of Masie breakfast Show, Mohammed Balu Salia is advocating extensive awareness creation prior to Paarigbielle festivals, calling on all and sundry to embrace this course.

Balu Mohammed, Radford FM Manager

The festival he argued is among the most highly attended and patronised outdoor event in the area and should attract corporate sponsorship from the breweries and the Telco’s.
The crowned Northern radio awards media influencer 2018 believes that avenues which include using social media platforms, engulfing the municipality and beyond with banners and fliers, bangles, graffiti, organizing competitions like cooking traditional dishes, including basic school quizzes, games, among others that will bear inscriptive messages of Paarigbielle.This would help significantly to spread its existence and sell-out to many especially those outside the Sissala land to appreciate what comes with the festival.
He has also called on hotelier, eateries’, tailors, transporters, artistes and vehicle owners to mark this and always make it a point to always use their automobiles to carry information about the cultural festival. This he said can be done through social media, banners, brochures, fliers displayed in major institutions in the Municipality. Efforts he said should be made to reach out the Sissalas outside home and abroad to use the period as a homecoming.
The following was said when the Paarigbielle organising committee came to launch the 2019 festival at RadfordFM.

By: Radford FM

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