Leaked Nude Photos of Another Waala Girl Gets Upper West Talking

Lady File Photo

Images circulating after one “njo and Rehi” video caused an alarm two years back has raised eyebrows with people calling for moral uprightness in the society.

A young girl by name Hajari Abubakar has been spotted naked on a porn blog online with Address expressleak.biz.

The images captioned “Ghana: Abubakar Hajari from Wa” was spotted two days ago, 27th June 2019 after it was published on her own twitter wall with name abubakarhajari. The twitter account had 240 followers as at the time the nude pictures were published.

In some images she took herself, she was spotted squeezing her left breast whilst she burnt down to snap her sex organ in various positions.

Most young men and women who saw the images suggested she was either defrauded or high on drugs, others suggested she did that to please a boyfriend and it accidentally went viral, they advised young people to be careful with phones suggesting most things they delete from their phones including nudes can easily be recovered with explicit apks and that deleting doesn’t guarantee secrecy.

Checks by sources in her Facebook accounts and Twitter account proved she resides in Wa.

Click Here to See Images[18+]

Note: These Images were posted by the lady herself, published on a porn site(expressleak.biz) and were in no way leaked by Upperwestmedia.net.


By: Expressleak.biz

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