Most Waala Girls Prostitutes in Tamale – Elyasu Adel

Mr. Elyasu Adel Saw Waala Girls flirting in Tamale

A past student of UDS in Tamale and an indigene of Wa has stated that most Waala girls in Tamale are into Prostitution.

Mr. Elyasu made this statement on several platforms including Facebook groups containing several people of Upper West who questioned how factual and reliable his statement was. He defended his statement by admitting he had encountered with a number of them who claimed to be students of UDS and Tamale Polytechnic respectively whilst endulging in Indiscriminate sexual activities. He described the issue as worrying.

He called on leaders to take drastic measures in addressing the issue before the issue drags the region’s name in the mud.

A young man by name Benjamin Baayagr also stated his experience by adding he has seen some of these girls at a private school behind SOS village #ALEASCO

Some reactions from people called on the Waala Traditional counsel to address the Issue.

It can be recalled that in the middle of 2019 some young girls were spotted in a video addressing themselves as Waala girls in Accra flirting around, immediately after that some nude videos of young girls begun circulation in the Municipal capital.


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