Upper West: Passengers angry over continuous overloading

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Passengers on board a Tumu-Wa bound Urvan bus in the Upper West Region have resisted the continuous overloading of a vehicle they were travelling in after taking off from the station.
The Urvan driver with a vehicle registration number AS 8935 Y picked 14 passengers with four people at the backseat instead of three. He added two more passengers on the way, compelling the travellers to sit in fours instead of in threes in a line.
Though the passengers complained of the situation, the driver ignored their call insisting that is how they load at the station.
The passengers however could no longer contain the driver’s attitude when he attempted to allow two more passengers at Kajikperi after one person had alighted.
The passengers said they have been going through the ordeal on daily basis because they have no other means to travel, if they refuse to patronize the overloaded Urvan buses.
When Radio Ghana contacted authorities at the Wa-Tumu station in Wa, they admitted overloading vehicles because they charge twenty-two Ghana Cedis instead of twenty-five.
They also claim this is in support of the Sissala East Municipal Chief Executive Karim Nanyua who suggested to management of the station to reduce the fare and add more passengers.
All efforts to reach the MCE for his side proved futile. Meanwhile the passengers have called on the MTTU, the DVLA and the National Road Safety Authority to ensure that Urvan buses at the Wa-Tumu station operate within the laws by taking three people per row instead of ramming people into the small buses for the more than 160 kilometer journey.

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