Be wary of deceitful politicians- Supt. Lanchene Toobu tells constituents in Wa West

NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Wa West, Mr. Peter Lanchene Toobu

The NDC Parliamentary candidate for the Wa West Constituency, Superintendent (rtd) Peter Lanchene Toobu has entreated Ghanaians to vote for people who genuinely have the development of the country at heart during the 2020 general elections.

He said the electorates should be wary of people who will try to influence them with money or in kind in order to get their votes, saying they should go with politicians with integrity.

Supt. Lanchene Toobu made the call when he interacted with people from Vieri and Piisie zones in the Wa West Constituency to know at first hand their developmental needs. GBC’s Emmanuel Mensah-Abludo reports that the occasion equally offered Supt. Lanchene Toobu the opportunity to thank his party people in Wa West for massively endorsing him as their Parliamentary candidate.

The itinerary of Supt. Lanchene Toobu took him to Varimpere, Vieri, and Piisie where his constituents shared their developmental aspirations with him. Issues that featured prominently in their interactions included roads, potable water, electricity, schools, health facilities, dams and security.

Supt. Lanchene Toobu told the people that NDC is a mass party which is receptive to all interested people irrespective of their backgrounds and entreated the electorates to choose NDC over the NPP in December 2020.

“I have told my people to reject in toto anything NPP because they have promised so much and we have realised that politics for them is all about deceiving the people with promises and wining power, after winning power, you just enrich yourselves and get out.”

“NDC is a party with its own philosophy of respecting the ordinary people, bringing about equity. OK, so I believe that if NDC is in power, the very people that I’m coming to lead, God’s willing if I win, will have a better opportunity to have enhanced lives,” the retired police superintendent affirmed.

He continued: “My vision is very clear, to better the everyday life of my constituents through innovation and consultation with relevant stakeholders. So I believe that NDC is the party for the poor, NDC is the party for the needy. NDC is a party that does not discriminate and NDC is the party that is development oriented.”

“Three good years of NPP government, what is tangible for anybody to show? Is there any hospital anywhere? Is there any road anywhere?” he questioned.

“There is nothing.”

“They are declaring this year as ‘year of roads’. They declared 2019 as year of action, we saw nothing. 2020 is year of roads, I am telling you by the end of 2020, you will see no road anywhere. It is just all about deceit. I think that we’ve gone past this kind of politics.” “Let’s be honest with Ghanaians and commit ourselves to serving the people of Ghana, at least we can give this democracy a better image”, he noted.

The Upper West Regional Communication Officer of the NDC, Prosper Puo-Ire observed that aside hard work, unity must be upheld across all levels of the party in order for them to win the 2020 elections.

He emphasised that the victory of the NDC does not rest solely on the executives of the party but on party faithful, sympathisers as well as “floating voters”. Mr. Puo-Ire therefore charged all to roll up their sleeves and work for electoral success in December this year.

The Wa West NDC Constituency Chairman of NDC, Adnan Abubakari as well as the communication officer of the constituency, Stephen Aseon, promised to go the extra mile to deliver victory to their party in their area of jurisdiction come December 2020.

Story by Emmanuel Mensah-Abludo/GBC

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