There is ‘Zero’ Development in my Area – MP Blames Akufo-Addo

Dr. Rashid Hassan Pelpuo, MP for Wa Central

The New Patriotic Party’s government has been accused of neglecting the people of Wa Central Constituency in the Upper West Region so far as development is concerned.

The Akufo Addo’s led administration is under this heavy criticisms by NDC Member of Parliament for Wa Central,Dr. Rashid Pelpuo.

According to him, the assumption of the NPP into office for the past three years has been a waste of time and not beneficial to his people since it has done virtually nothing to improve the livelihoods in that area.

The opposition MP lamented that had it not been the NDC that constructed some roads in the area,accessibility and transportation for economic activities would have been affected significantly.

He however indicated that the only development witnessed is the continuation of an almost completed road project left behind left by the NDC government.

Mr. Pelpou said he finds it difficult to fathom why his people have been neglected by the NPP government and expressed optimism that when the NDC wins the 2020 general elections,hi people will see massive developments.

He therefore called on Ghanaians to vote out the NPP in the upcoming elections. These comments were made in an interview on A1 Radio’s Morning Show,Daybreak Upper East.

“The people are doing very well ,everybody is fine,they are happy with each other except that they are in a battle locked up to fight and replace this government which doesn’t seem to be doing well at all.As for the constituency,it is like zero development is happening,I don’t know why they’ve have chosen to make it so but i hope that very soon we will resume our development ways” He said.

Filed By: A1Radio/Upper East

2 thoughts on “There is ‘Zero’ Development in my Area – MP Blames Akufo-Addo

  1. How many years have you been an mp and what have you done previously to your people, construction of roads isn’t enough tell us what u did for them to retain you


  2. Is he been serious ,u have been in power for 20 years now what can u brag of………?u are there talking of Nana not paying attention to ur constituency …see u, u better close that mouth before u get down from the throne

    U fear the small girl ahhhh …she will show u that women are also good in handling the affairs of the home


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