What Do you Know About Hamile? – Abdul Rashid Writes

Hamile is in Lambussie District of Upper West

Many years ago, the land of Hamile which was a very rich land, had the Sisala to be the landowners.

These sisala’s were also on the land which is now in Burkina Faso. Before the border demarcation, a man called Moa migrated from Mangani across the Black Volta to Hamile.

He prayed the Sissala people to give him land to farm. These people being so good gave Moa the land of Hamile to stay with his family and to farm.

After the border demarcation, the land was segregated and the land they gave to Moa was in Ghana and the Sissala’s were in Burkina Faso. Also, some of the Sissala’s living in Hamile before the demarcation of the border remained in Ghana after the demarcation.

The word Hamile is a Sissala word which means” if you plan evil against us it will reflect back to you”

Recommendations for Further Study

The present study indicates a brief history of Hamile. As recounted above, this study provided little information about the history of Hamile.

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2 thoughts on “What Do you Know About Hamile? – Abdul Rashid Writes

  1. My brother , the name Hamile is coined from the sissaali word (haaminl33), which literally means Are you still here. But the English couldn’t spell it that way so they spelt it Hamile. That is why the twin , then village in Burkina Faso , they spell it hamele. You can check the spelling of the hamile of Burkina.


  2. Good piece my brother. Everything about Hamile today has changed.
    Before bofore Hamile and Nandom were own by the Langba people , the language being Lang which is a sister dialect of Sisaala just as Lobi and Brefor, Waala and Dagaaba.
    However before second world war, there was free movement of people and no body owns any land until the slave trade was abolish.
    Presently Hamile is a mixed variety of tribes which has made most of the town people adopting to speak the Waali language because of it’s similarities to the Moshi language, the Lobi and Brefor, the Wangara language which are the descendants of the Limanyiri people who cut across every where in the region and even beyond , the Dagaare language, same can be said of the Kantosi people which is also a dialect of Waala ( Samunie ). In Bukina these group of people called Kantosi or Samunie are called Waala due to it similarities. The Waala people settled in Hamile for a very long time because of trade activities and most of them too were Islamic scholars, some started moving towards Wa because of the decline nature of trade activities around the border town.
    If u get to Hamile today pretend and see the language that will be widely spoken and you will definitely understand my point.

    Tiyaabonyeni… We are all one”


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