The Story of Hamile – Thomas Bitie-Kitting Writes

Hamile is in Lambussie District of Upper West

The Hamile border town in the Lambussie District of the Upper West Region is built on land owned by the Sissalas of Hapaa in the Lambussie District. The controversy surrounding this land and town was settled by Sir Charles Noble Arden Clerk the last Colonial Governor of the Gold Coast in early 1952. Hamile is a Zongo settlement of several ethnic groups mostly from the west African subregion of Burkina Faso and internal economic migrants from Wa that is the Wala ethnic group. The first non Sissala settler farmer to arrive was one Perewere aka Muor a native Lobi Dagao from the village of Navirikpe in South western Burkina Faso. He was followed by Zenoga a Moshe who followed the heels of Perewere looking for avenues to the lucrative salt business. The Wala people from Wa also followed suit. The first settler farmer Perewere aka Muor arrived in about 1920 after the border was delimited in 1901 between the British and the French. Muor first approached his Sissala friend Chackboi from original Hamile, another Sissala village but in Burkina Faso, for land to farm. Chackboi who uncles Hapaa because his mother is from Hapaa informed Muor that the land he Chackboi was farming on belongs to his Uncles in Hapaa. Chackboi therefore led his friend to Hapaa to Bunder and Ngumo, his Uncles who gave permission to Perewere or Muor to Settle and cultivate groundnuts. As a Zongo settlement Hamile now houses about sixteen ethnic groups and still counting . This means that there is no town or village called Hamile in Ghana. What is known as Hamile is in fact Hapaa Zongo or Wabile named by the first Wala traders. This was to remind the Sissala women folks not send their wares, the Shea butter and the dawadawa to Main land Wa anymore for sale because they are now small Wa in their midst. However, the name Hamile was perpetuated by the traveling public who continued to refer the Hapaa Zongo as Hamile Ghana and the Original Hamile as Hamile French. Thomas the Twin.

I have to add that the Governor was guided in his decision by the fact that Hamile is owned by the Sissalas of Hapaa and the results of a referendum which was ordered by the Chief Commissioner of the Northern Territories on 19th September 1949 to determine where Hamile should belong politically. The results were 41 Compounds to 3 in favour of the Hapaa Kuoro / Lambussie Kuoro and the Sissala people and against the Kokoligu Na and the Nandom Na.

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