I am not perturbed about my withdrawal – Wavei to NDC

Former DCE for Sissala West, Mr. Wavei Suspended

Two time District Chief Executive of Sissala West District, Mr. Robert Baka Wavei has replied the Sissala West Constituency National Democratic Congress that he’s not perturbed about his suspension from the party.

The retired nutritionist expressed that ” I know my worth” in a response to an interview after he was served with a letter of withdrawal of membership by the NDC in the Sissala West.

He disclosed further “That the very day former President John Mahama’s government said they had withdrawn the teachers and nursing trainees’ allowances, I wouldn’t hide it from you, it killed my soul for the NDC saying as son of poor parent,I know what allowance can do for a student ”.

He vowed, should covid-19 pandemic pass,” I will campaign against the NDC in this electioneering year if I am not needed there, adding that he has no intention of reapplying to rejoin the party that brought him into prominence.
He said also that “the party has always left him out in their activities stating how meetings were held times without number but never recognized him.

Mr. Robert B. Wavei claims that the reasons used to withdraw his membership status are unfounded because “the party smiles over lies instead of the truth”.
He attacked the current member of parliament Mr Patrick Adama of not doing enough for the people “if you have an M.P who is not living up to expectations and you keep following him because he is your party member, let’s be factual here, should that be the case? Should we just follow somebody because he is from my party when you know that he is not performing?” he quizzed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robert B. Wavei revealed that he began to lose every hope in the NDC as soon as the party scrapped the teacher and nursing trainees’ allowances whilst they were in government.

When he was questioned on what may have caused the strained relationship with the NDC, he complained of neglect when he became the parliamentary candidate in 2008 whilst his removal from office as a DCE was orchestrated despite his sterling performance including how he was left without support during his brothers funeral among others.
He praised the policies of the current NPP government as ” meant to cushion the poor and the vulnerable citing the free Senior high school, one village one dam, especially in the Sissala area, which he claims were missing in the NDC’s period.

He told RadfordFM he accepts the decision of the NDC executive and challenged anyone who doubted his capabilities to contest him on the campaign ‘grounds’ in the round up to the NPP primaries where he vowed to assist in selecting a leader that would be an effective member of parliament.

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