Upper West: 4 Reasons you Should Stop Taking ‘Atay’ Hausa Tea

How Atay is Prepared

Many have called it a heritage whiles others call it an energizer which boosts the body and give morale but there are several negative effects of the herb.

Atay was popular amongst Hausa and Muslim communities in Northern Nigeria since 1954. It existed as a herb of immune booster by then, usually taken without sugar by most muslim men and women.

Reasons to Avoid Hausa Tea(Atay)

1. It has a lot of Caffeine that puts pressure on the Kidney.
Hausa tea puts pressure on the kidney resulting in frequent headaches and loss of appetite, this malnourishes the body and leads to several health complications.

2. Tay brings Obesity. Several people have wondered why they have suddenly increased in weight or have their bodies looking swollen often which leads to deposits of excess oil on the body. If you take Atay or Hausa tea regularly, this happens to your body, Sucrose, which is the white sugar in Atay settles in the body as saturated fats which forces the body to expand and release excess of it out of the body in a form of oil on the skin. Sugar has fats in it and the more you take it, the more it settles in the body as fats.

3. Diabetes: Taking Atay increases the chance of worsening your diabetic situation if you have inherited it from family, the excess sugar used in Atay compels the pancreas to function beyond their capacity this compels the system to deposit excess sugars in risk prone areas within the body. This increases the blood sugar levels of people with Diabetes.

4. Taking Atay affects your sleep and reduces your I.Q. people who take Hausa tea have high risk of finding it difficult to sleep at night. This is as a result of pressure in the heart and kidney, this can result in high blood pressure or kidney failure if victims don’t eat balanced diets including fruits regularly. Tay decays our teeth making them brownish when one fails to brush his/her teeth regularly, it also wakens the sensitive nerves of the tongue due to the heated consumption.


1. One or a group can resort to taking tea instead of Atay as tea requires a little sugar.

2. Eating fruits as a group will be better as fruits have more vitamins to boost the body.

3.Discussing news items on the internet is another way to be engaged as it boost the brain.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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