Upper West: Regional Health Director Leaves as Suspended Regional Education Director Returns?

Mr. Duncan Nsoh of GES(Left) and Mr. Osei Kuffuor Afreh of GHS(Right)

The Upper West Regional Director of Education, Mr. Duncan Nsoh was in the early months of 2020 asked to step aside for investigations to be carried out on him amidst vehicles auctioned to himself.

Mr. Nsoh handed Over to the Lambussie District Director for Education,  Mr. Godfrey Dongyeru.


Background (GES)

The Director of Education was Accused of Taking Ghc10,000 Each from Staff gearing towards the Ambition to be Headmasters of Senior High Schools in Upper West, Ghc3,000 was Charged Staff Gearing toward being Assistant Heads. A Vehicle belonging to Wa School for the Death was allegedly Auctioned to the Regional Director himself. This resulted in press Conferences being held against the decision of the Director to auction a school’s vehicle to himself.

News reaching Upperwestmedia Team suggests the Regional Director is likely to return to the Regional to Assume his position. Mr. Duncan Nsoh Took Over from Mr. Evans Kpebah in August 2019.

Background (GHS)

Upper West Regional Director of Health, Mr Osei Kuffuor Affreh has been in Upper West for over a decade as the Regional Director of Health.

The Director from sources is about to be transferred to the National headquarters amidst several controversies.

The Director of Health is said to have managed Cerebrospinal Meningitis in an unsatisfactory manner prompting for national attention after several leaders expressed dissatisfaction.

The Director has also been accused by several staff of disallowing study leaves and promotions, the said staff stated that several others in other regions were granted study leave and promotions and as a result have moved miles ahead of them, this prompted for student leaders and some staff associations to take actions against him.

Thirdly the Director has been accused of Masterminding the sack of Former Municipal Surgeon Dr. Barnabas Gandau, the Director was Accused of laying claims that the then Medical Director was engaged in financial malfeasance estimated to be  Ghc120,000 which resulted in his sack. Dr. Gandau has begun pursuing it in Court.

The audit report directed that the medical director refunds 25,000 cedis which has been outstanding since March 2016. The Ghana Health Service has also been asked him to retrieve some 153,000 cedis in excess payments to beneficiaries of deprived incentive allowance.

Dr. Gandaa, Former Medical Director For Upper West Hospital

Mr. Gandau was appointed in February 2016 as medical Director and his appointment met several demonstrations and rejections. He was later laid off on 9th July 2019.

Meanwhile others have suggested the Regional Director Osei Kufuor acted in such capacity due to a Similar act of Masterminding the transfer of Dr. Chris Fofie out of the regiona in order for Dr. Gandau to take over.

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One thought on “Upper West: Regional Health Director Leaves as Suspended Regional Education Director Returns?

  1. This write up has some factual inaccuracies. For instance the GHS Director in question is not Mr Afreh but rather Dr Afreh and he has not been in the Upper West Region for over a decade as purported in this write up.


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