Upper West: 6 Rumors People can Generate About You based on Looks/Actions

Wa In Upper West

The Region is poised with great deal of talented individuals in various ventures and fields we can’t completely outline.

There are certain things that have abhorrent effects on an individual’s personality yet perpetuated by some groups of people in the region for their personal reasons.

The article is not prepared to dent the image of the region but to pinpoint out our flaws and get them addressed if we really want to get there.

1. One is regarded or referred to as  a weed smoker if his or her lips are dark: so surprising but true if an individual has dark lips and palms he or she is rumored to be a cannabis addict who smokes, which in most cases turn out to be false yet people judge others because of some of these visible factors. On is also regarded as a cannabis smoker or one who abuses drugs if you kneel to greet or constantly greet people in the town, people believe the act of being very social is influenced by drugs.

2. When One has Dreadlocks: a young man or woman with dreadlocks is perceived as a drug addict in society, some others backbite them and refer to them as criminals or thieves for leaving dreadlocks yet people who shave with bald head are perceived as responsible, mature and innocent. Others who generate rumors will accuse an individual with such features of such crimes if horrendous issues like theft, rape is reported in an area with such people by pointing fingers at them.

3. Staying in an Outside Room of a Compound House: this aspect is fun but shocking as most men or women who stay in outside rooms of compound houses are rumored as flirts who change sexual partners frequently, they believe such people will feel uncomfortable in a compound house enclosed with many people who might end up discussing them and by this, people have the view that any man or woman who prefers an outside room of a house must be having several sexual partners.

4. Having Male/Female Friends: this may appear normal in some parts of Ghana but certainly not in Upper West, once one has more than enough of the opposite sex are friends he or she is accused of have sexual relationships with them even if they are related to you by blood, many people hardly ask to be told they just understand it by their point of view and judge you by that.

5.Marrying one wife means you’re being controlled by her: this may sound funny but true, once a man has one wife for a long time it becomes rumor in town that its either his wife is feeding him or controlling him and by this is preventing the man from having more sexual partners or adding another wife. This has pushed several men into indecision leading to bankruptcy, frustration and death as such men who adhere to social pressure die prematurely through competition from their wives both spiritually and with unending demands.

6. Riding a Haujue Motorbike is a sign of riches: there are several Motorbikes in Upper west, very economical and useful to the region’s development but some motorbikes are more appreciated than others, the most common motorbikes in Upper west are Luojia 110-8, Haojin 125, Aloba 125-30 but there are two motorbikes that are rumored to determine a classy man or woman in Upper West, Haojue 110-3 and Honda 125. These two Bikes if ridden by an individual is a definition of excess wealth and comfort which has pushed several to demand such motorbikes not considering their cost. It will baffle to know that owners of these bikes can take a lady away from a man in a car.

All these are factors moving the Region, people have ample time to talk of others and discuss them, but who do we blame, our little population and little responsibilities in our hand or the lack of jobs and business opportunities to keep us busy?. Time will tell

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