Wa COVID-19 isolation centre robbed

COVID-19 Mattresses Stolen in Wa

Thieves have broken into the Wa Municipal COVID-19 isolation centre in Wa and made away with a mattress and a 32-inch television set.

The Upper West Regional Health Promotion Officer, John Makpeh, confirming the incident to Citi News said: “it was reported to me by the Wa Municipal Health Promotion Officer.”

“Saturday, we were there with another team that came on monitoring with World Health Organisation to monitor the facilities that we are using to house the COVID-19 patients in the region. We took them there and upon getting there, I realised that thieves had broken into the facility.”

“We went there and realized that the thieves broke the back door of the centre and made away with a TV and a mattress.“

The Wa Municipal COVID-19 centre was constructed by ActionAid Ghana and handed over to the Ghana Health Service about two months ago as a support in the fight against the pandemic.

Mr. John Makpeh, however, could not confirm if the matter has been reported to the police.

“The case has been reported to the municipal assembly to take action on it,” he instead said.

Filed by: Citi FM

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