Sissala East Assembly confines 46 straying animals

Stray Animals Detained in Tumu

The Environmental Health Agency of the Sissala East Municipal Assembly has, with the help of its task force, detained about 46 straying animals in the Tumu town.

The Assembly begun arresting stray animals today, August 10, 2020 as part of measures to enforce a resolution long passed to control the menace of the stray animals phenomenon.
The arrested animals would be in the custody of the Assembly until owners turn-up to pay a fine before claiming them according to the Environmental health unit.
The Municipal Environmental Health Director, Mr Edward Nyandor stated that “the animals comprise: 30 sheep, 12 goats and 4 donkeys.
Speaking later in an interview with the RadfordFM in Tumu, Mr Nyandoh, said “enough period of time was given to the public particularly animal owners to start confining their animals or risk facing Section 300 of the criminal offences Act (Act 29) 1960, sub section 1, 2 and 3, that enjoins the authorities to enforce it to control stray animals menace”.
He also said “series of radio announcements and cautions were made by the Assembly, sensitizing the public on the stray animal law between early June and July 1, 2020. Consequently, it is time to crack the whip”.
Meanwhile, Mr. Edward Nyandor has said the following charges would be levelled against owners before they could claim their animals arrested:
Sheep – 10 cedis per day
Goat – 10 cedis per day
Pigs – 25 cedis per day
Donkey – 50 cedis per day
Cow – 50 cedis per day
Horse – 50 cedis per day
He further stated that the exercise has come to stay. He has therefore said “people whose animals have been arrested should go to the Municipal Assembly and follow the necessary processes to claim them or else they would be auctioned”.
Some of the people whose animals were arrested have started looking for them with others pledging to house them.
Stray animals made up of sheep,goate,pig
s,donkeys,cows remain nuisance especially on the roads of the municipality which have resulted in needless accidents resulting in deaths apart from how they litter the surroundings with their droppings.

Filed by: RadfordFM/Tumu

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