Apology to Dr. Bawumia out of Context – Wa-Limanyiree

Wa Naa Pelpuo

Prior to the development that Dr. Bawumia’s donation was rejected when he visited the Wa Naa’s palace as part of plans to mourn with the royal household,  a letter was released stating that the Royal family has apologized to the vice president over the unfortunate event. A press release has also been forwarded to Upperwestmedia Team by the Family of Limanyiree stating their concerns.


The attention of the family of the late Imam Dr. Suleman M.H. Bakuri has been drawn to a letter circulating on social media alleged to have been issued by the Wa Naa and some traditional authorities.

We wish to state that much as the family is yet to confirm the authenticity of the said letter; its content cannot be authored by the revered Wa Naa and the others who are supposed to be the custodian of the customs and traditions of their people.

The family is aware of the deep knowledge of the Wa Naa and the other traditional leaders and how they hold the customs and traditions of the people in high esteem especially in the area of funeral celebrations and it’s attendance, more so when it had to do with no less a person than the Wa lmam. Knowing who the Wa Naa is and the values he upholds, he will never advocate for the values ot funeral attendance, expressing of condolences and mourning with the bereaved family to be replaced with mere monetary donations especially where the donor himself is available to perform such kind gesture. What could be more dignifying than attending and paying last respect to a man you once shared a relationship with during his life time? Surely, this can neither be part of our cultural nor religious values and it is unfortunate that such a statement is attributed to the Wa Naa among others.

The Wa Naa cannot be oblivious of his traditional role as an advisor and unifier not leaving out his role in the setlement of disputes. The Wa Naa would have invited and counseled the family to retract and apologize to the Vice President in his advisory and mediatory capacity to resolve.

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