UWR: Nyimbale cut off from other communities in Nadowli-Kaleo District

Nyimbale Community in the Nadowli-Kaleo District, Flooded

Residents at Nyimbale, a farming community in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of the Upper West Region, have been cut off from the rest of the communities in the district.

This is because of the heavy rain in the region over the last two months. The only route linking Nyimbale to the remaining communities is inundated.

Speaking to the GBC, residents of the area said it has been an annual ritual for decades now. Several appeals made to authorities to construct a bridge over the river that connects the community to other places have yielded no result.

Nyimbale is a farming community at Samatigu Electoral Area in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of the Upper West Region.

The community has a population of about six hundred with seven adjoining communities including Sankana, Samatigu, Nyimbale-Kore, Takpo amongst others.

Moving from Nyimbale to other nearby communities has been halted due to the intensity of the rains with its attendant inconveniences.

The residents cannot access social amenities such as health care, education and market at the nearby communities, where they are located.

A community health nurse at Nyimbale-Kora CHPS Compound, Kunkuni Ashika, sharing her sentiment with the GBC, said, “As you can see, this water is our main problem at Nyimbale. It is life-threatening if you are not fortunate this water can take you away but we have to pass through the water to pick our vaccines to vaccinate the children.”

“And we don’t also have vaccine fridge so that we can pick more quantity to come and store so even if we have one child we have to cross the water to go to the sub-center to bring the vaccine.”

“So we pray and hope that one-day government will come to our aid to construct a bridge for us so that we can run our services safely and freely.”

She expressed worry over the hassle pregnant women go through during labour because of the poor nature of the road.

“Many nurses and teachers have refused posting to the community and those who accepted have taken transfer to different communities and districts.”

“This has led to poor performance in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the Area and low patronage at the health facility.”

A resident, Lambert Adamu, said, “This river at this period is very dangerous if you are a stranger and you don’t know exactly where to pass it’s risky, because inside the water there are stones we kept for easy crossing but because the water has submerged the place, you will hurt yourself. You cannot even cross at this moment at all unless the water subsides. Teachers that are posted to the area always seek for transfers because of the nature of the road. Parent will have to cross with their children to school and do the same after closing from school. All the social amenities such as CHPS Compound, school, and market are at the Nyimbale-Paala and one had no option than to go there.”

“Since time immemorial, this river has been there and we appeal several times but nothing has been done,” Mr Adamu stated.

The Assembly Member of the Area, Joseph Bargah said he has written to the Nandowli-Kaleo District Assembly for support but yet to receive a response. He appealed to authorities to speed up the processes to get the bridge constructed.

Story filed by Dennis Bebane.

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