2 Dams under the One Village One Dam Project Washed Away in Daffiama/Busie/Issa District

File Photo

Two dams constructed under the government of Ghana one village one dam project in Tabiase and Sazie in the Daffiama/Busie/Issa district of the Upper West Region have been washed away after a heavy rainfall over the weekends.

The 2 dams which broke its banks after a heavy downpour in the two communities destroyed farmlands and properties ranging into thousands of Ghana cedis.

Some residents of the affected communities where the dams broke its banks blamed poor execution of work by the contractors who worked on the two dams.

Information gathered by Info Radio revealed that, the two washed away dams are yet to be handed over by the contactors before the unfortunate incidents happened.

Residents of Tabiase and Sazie have therefore called on the Daffiama/Busie/Issa District Assembly to put in place measures that will ensure that the contractors who were awarded to construct the dams reconstruct the dams using the right materials to avoid future breakage of the two dams.

Filed by: Info Radio

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