[Article]A Hidden Track Record of NDC & John Mahama in Sissala West

Gbelle Game Reserve is in Sissala West


Gbele Resettlement [Story by; SoMnet]

GBELE is a community in the Sissala West Constituency of the Upper West Region. The people of Gbele’s original settlement is a forest land(forest reserve area) which is dangerous to live in and could also be a source of income to the nations economy. The landlords of the place agreed with government to move and resettle on Dasima land.

The Resettlement started in 2011. Full compensation was paid to Dasima landlords for the Construction of 120houses on a 13hecter land area with other social amenities for New Gbele Community. Buildings were roofed and cemented before the NDC left office in 2016.

This is important to communicate because we have a crop of people in government today who only know how to LIE, how to RENAME PROJECTS, how to CHANGE PLAQUES, how to CUT 419 SODS and only commission the NATION BUILDER John Dramani Mahama projects.

#SoMnet is therefore sending a sound note to Nana Addo not to try in anyway to claim credit for this particular project as we anticipate him commissioning the project in the few coming days. The Dec, 7th elections is about track records, those who don’t have them should prepare to go back home and not try to steal that of others.


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