Tricycle operator jailed 10 years for defiling 15-year-old

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A 24-year-old tricycle rider, Musah Alhassan, who has been standing trial for the past four months after he was accused of defiling a 15-year-old-girl.

The criminal act according to the prosecution occurred on May 14, this year when the accused person accosted the victim to his room after the girl was returning home from the market with the mother.

The accused forcibly had sex with the victim and made her to pass the night in his room.

The victim upon returning home was quizzed about her whereabouts and where she passed the night and she pointed to the house of the accused.

The case was reported to the Wa police and the accused subsequently arrested and put before the Wa circuit court on June, 2.

Having no legal representation, Alhassan admitted that the victim passed the night in his room but denied having sex with her.

The prosecution led by Superintendent Richard Adjapong Boateng  called four witnesses including a medical officer who testified that the victim’s hymen was missing meaning it has been broken showing evidence of penetration.

The process of cross examination was well explained to the accused person since he has no lawyer and after which he crossed all the witnesses including the victim.

The accused told the court that the victim consented to his proposal of making love with her.

The victim, however, denied the allegation saying she was only asked whether she had a boyfriend to which, she responded in the affirmative with the notion that she would be allowed to leave the room . but that answer did not save her.

The Wa Circuit Court presided over by Justice Baah Forson Adjapong in evaluating the case stated that the prosecution was able to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the indeed Alhassan committed the act.

He noted that once the victim was below 16 years, the issue of whether the victim consented to it or not is immaterial because the law prohibits having sex with persons who are below 16 years.

Justice Baah Forson Adjapong in sentencing the accused person said he has taken into consideration the gravity of the offence and the rampant nature of defilement cases in the Wa community.

In view of that, he has no option but to give a sentence that will deter others who are secretly engaging or have intention of engaging in the acts.

The accused was, therefore, sentenced to 10 years in prison with hard labour.

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