Wa East: People of Yaru Threaten To Boycott 2020 Election Over Poor Road Network

File Photo

The people of Yaru, a community in the Wa East District of the upper west region, have called on government to as a matter of urgency, fix their road which they described as “fatal and unusable”.

Speaking to Info News,the residents recounted the inconveniences they have been grappling with over the years with their roads.

They said politicians come to them every political season for their vote, promising to fix their roads for them, but after getting their desired votes, they disappeared, only to resurface when it is due for elections. “Every election year, these politicians will come and beg for our votes, promising to work on our bad roads and other needs. It is however sad to state that, they immediately disappeared after elections without fulfilling their pledges only to show up, during campaign season”, people of Yaru narrated. They added that they can’t send their sick relatives to the upper west regional hospital, especially, when referred by the community’s health center, neither can they even go to Wa market for their needs. They revealed, several calls on authorities to give the roads the needed attention have proven futile.

The people of Yaru are therefore suggesting, that they will boycott this year’s general election if their roads are not worked on. “Look at the road! No big tuck can use it. We are now resorting to tricycle as our means of transport. Even with the tricycle, you need people to push you all the way to Gudayiri, where the road is a bit motorable. This year, we are not going to participate in this year’s election, unless our roads are fixed,” the people threatened.

Filed by: Info Radio 91.1FM

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