S.D Dombo and the Urge to Cede for Power

Mr. Simon Diedong Dombo

S. D. Dombo and e’tal Sabordinated their individual interest for the greater good of the United Party and for that matter the Progressive Party in 1969 Elections. S.D Dombo was the leader of the Northern People Party (NPP), deputised by Lawyer Mumuni Bawumia, the father of the current Vice President and other founding members including, Tolon Naa Yakubu Tali, J.A. Braimah Kabachawura, Adam Amandi, Naa Abeifa Karbo, Imoro Salifu and C.K Tedam.

Indeed, Our forefathers, Northerners, came into alliance with the then National Liberation Movement, Anlo Youth Association, Muslim Association Party and others to form the PP. At the time of merger the Parliamentary Seats of the Northern People Party were more than their counterparts in the South with 15 Seats against 13 Seats. They ceded their Seats and popularity to Dr. Busia in order to win power and govern Ghana for good.

It is intriguing to note that, the then NPP did not form the alliance with conditions, they could have come to the table with a condition that the leader of the Northern People Party (NPP) be made a flagbearer, since they had control more than the Liberals.

It’s on this creed that the New Patriotic Party was formed…..Who then leads the NPP in 2024 on the basis of what our forefathers stood for?…to be continued

Filed by: Walewale NPP Youth Wing

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