U/W:Assembly Woman Demands More Support for Dagaare Education

Madam Mary Dakora is Assembly Woman for Daffiama North

Assembly Woman for Daffiama North in the Dafiama-Issa-Busie District of Upper West Region, Madam Mary Assumpta Dakora has called for more professional hands to support Dagaare Education in the Upper West Region as an indigenous language Officially Taught in Schools.

According to the Former Human Resource Manager for Ghana Education Service, No book are available for effective teaching and learning, she also bemoaned the inferiority complex attached to studying the language in schools as some people feel its irrelevant to study and write the local language.


I’m a Ghanaian language graduate but I can tell we still have a long way to go compared with other languages like Akan. We need to write more text books for all levels of education and also have experts in it to effectively teach our children. Again all educated individuals from upper West ought to be literate in Dagaare/Waale/sissali.This is growth. Is that the case with our English and Twi rattling scholars in their own homes.

This is what I mean.

Once it’s a Ghanaian language any Ghanaian qualifies to both speak and write it if interested. What you may be arguing is that we should try and develop Waale/Dagaare/Sissali to enable our children study them in school to preserve our culture.

It means government has not supplied Dagaar egg textbooks to schools like other textbooks? If it is for schools and pupils to buy at wish, teaching and learning could suffer.

Thank God they’re available for sale.

Good suggestion but our attitude towards the study of the local language is negative. I remember when I went to offer Dagaare at Degree level, a true son of our soil wondered why someone would be studying a subject that is spoken everywhere by children and even lunatics!

Truth is that people of this calibre don’t understand what language entails and the benefits of learning one’s own local language.So such people will see it as waste of hard earned money to purchase Dagaare textbooks. It’s sad.

Anytime I’m capable I will buy few copies.


Source: Opera News Ghana

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