U/W: Schools Reopen: No JHS in Kandomwini – Assembly Man

Mr. Nestor Mwinterebo is Assembly Man For Goriyiri

Assembly Member for Kandomwini, Goriyiri electoral area in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of Upper West Region,  Mr Mwintiribo Nestor has called for the Assembly to provide a Junior High School for Kandowini, Vogoni, Goriyiri electoral area.

Mr. Nestor explained that students who attain their basic education in the electoral area are compelled to travel for at least 4 kilometers every weekday to be able to access junior high school education.

He added that school children are ridiculed and labelled villagers which affects the attendance of the students to school as he identified psychological factors as the reason.


Assembly Member for Goriyiri Electoral area has referred to the absence of portable water in the community as worrying.

According Mr. Nestor, students who attend school in the Goriyiri community are forced to school for over 5 hours without drinking water.

He lamented the situation has increased student absentiesm in the school.

He continued by stating that Vogoni which is a nearby community has only two boreholes which serve over 700 people, he concluded by saying that people in Da-uri drink from the stream as there is no access to water in the area.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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