U/W: Wa GCB Bank Branch Under Customer Pressure

Ghana Commercial Bank’s Wa Branch

Ghana Commercial Bank has only three Branches in Upper West Region with a population of 890, 567 according to Wa Technical University 2017 Statistics from the Department of Information Technology.

The three branches include the Lawra Branch,  Tumu Branch and the Wa Branch. These three branches are responsible for paying several public sector workers in the region which has over 50, 000 public sector workers. People within Nandom Municipality, Lambussie District, Jirapa Municipality, Lawra Municipality and Sissala West District rely on the Lawra Branch for cash related issues.

The Wa Branch serves Wa West District, Wa East District, Dafiama-Issa-Busie District, Nadowli-Kaleo District and the Whole of Wa Municipality. People with Sissala East Rely on the Tumu Branch

This has brought a lot of concerns as some customers in the Wa branch bemoaned the development, some suggested the Bank is understaffed and as a result services are very slow, others suggested the customer relationship is very poor because its a public bank, others suggested they would withdraw their accounts and services from the commercial bank if things don’t change.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

3 thoughts on “U/W: Wa GCB Bank Branch Under Customer Pressure

  1. I commend the author of this information seeking to draw management attention to the urgent need for expansion of the GCB branches in Upper West and to see if it’s possible to get in place a system that can monitor the work attitude of some staff across board. GCB services has actually been very distasteful to customers. Some staff over bluff and delay customers wickedly, with the intention to attract bribery from customers. This is the sole reason why some customers took to their heals when GN Bank was established but unfortunately got destroyed along the line.

    We the customers are passionately appealing to authorities to as matter of intervention, open up more branches in the Upper West Region, to minimise the risk of accessing GCB services and also to reduce loss of productive time by public sector workers who mostly spent a whole day or two in GCB to transact business due to large crowd, especially paying week.


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