Don’t commence work – Youth of Jirapa caution school caterers

A group of Students

A group calling itself “Concern Youth of Jirapa” has served a stern warning to all school feeding caterers who are not from Jirapa Municipal not to commence work on 25th January, 2021 until issues are resolved.

In an announcement intercepted, it warned that “any recalcitrant caterer who fails to comply with this direction will have his/herself to blame”.

The announcement mentioned 26 schools in the Jirapa Municipal where the caterers in question have served for the past four years.

Below are the schools mentioned in the announcement: Tampoe KG, Nambeg M/A Primary, Tampaala R/C Primary, Baazu Basic School, St. Joseph Primary, Tuggo, Gyanvuuri, Kogri, Ping, Mwankuri, Tizza, St. Anthony Primary, Guo, Gbare Primary, Gbare KG, Tigboro Primary and Tigboro KG.

The rest include Siiri Primary, Siiri KG, Sanwie Primary, St. Raphael’s Primary, Mwofo KG, Mwofo Primary, Nyeni KG and Sabuli.

This is due to irregularities in the allocation of schools and payments.

Source: Pius Dauzie/Jirapa

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