Wa: Underaged Beggars in Wa could be Terrorists – Residents

Underaged Beggars in Wa

A group of children have stormed Wa Municipality with their begging antics, harassing riders and drivers on the streets of Wa.

These children believed to be within the ages of 16 to 17 were seen loitering around the Wa Main traffic light on the Rawlings high street begging for Money.

These children held empty tin tomato containers in their hands where they kept monies into.

They were not in nose masks and exposed people they came I to contact with at risk of contracting covid-19 should incase the were infected.

The Upper West Region has become a lucrative spot for Beggars who travel from far and near countries including Chad, Niger, Nigeria’s former Capital, Lagos and Mali.

Some of these beggars are persistent in their requests.

Many residents have questioned how these foreigners are able to make their way into the country without proper scrutiny, others suggested some of these beggars could be terrorists.

The President has directed that all road borders be closed amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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