Thieves Nearly Lynched in Wa, One Admitted

The Suspect has been admitted at Upper West Regional Hospital

Two suspected thieves who made away with a pregnant goat in a tricycle with number M-19-883-UW have gone into hiding whilst one has been detained in the Upper West Regional Hospital after sustaining injuries, this happened after the suspects were being chased by a nissan pickup with men identified as owners of the stolen goat, the Tricycle veered off the Road as at 4:00pm on 13th of March 2021.
According to an Eyewitness by Name Kennedy Zuma, he explained that the issue occured all of a sudden and as a result they called the police, he added that some men in a pickup came to the scene claiming their goat was stolen by the men in the Accident tricycle with Number M-19-UW-883.

Eyewitness Testifies

“This cambo was involved in an accident after the Wa airport and it is suspected the occupants in the cambo are goat thieves , two of them escaped leaving one who was badly injured and was whisked to the Wa regional hospital . For the information of the police please trace and retrieve the tricycle for further investigation , there is one dead goat in the accident combo.”


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