Dr. Seidu Jasaw highlights economic and medicinal benefits of Shea nuts

Dr. Godfred Jasaw, MP for Wa East

The Member of Parliament for the Wa East constituency, Dr. Godfred Seidu Jasaw, has highlighted some of the benefits of Shea nuts, predominantly produced in the upper regions of Ghana to back his call on the government to invest heavily in the Shea industry.

In an interview with info radio, Dr. Jasaw, described Shea nuts, as cocoa for the upper regions.
According to the Wa East lawmaker, Shea nuts, when exported are used by pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, adding that, with commitment and support, on the part of government, the picking and procession of Shea nuts, could be a major source of income to the local producers and an avenue towards boosting the country’s foreign exchange.

Dr. Jasaw, is of the view that, with massive investment in the Shea nut industry, it will improve the economic fortunes of the people in the savanna enclave.


He however, bemoans the harmful attitude towards Shea trees in the upper regions.


The Member of Parliament, cited the cruel and unregulated felling of these economic trees for firewood and charcoal purposes.


The Member of Parliament therefore calls on inhabitants of the upper regions to desist from cutting Shea trees for firewood and charcoal purposes, assuring the people that, he and others with similar mind towards promoting Shea nuts to the status of cocoa, would persuade government to give the needed attention and investment to the Shea nut industry.

Source: Info Radio

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