Ghanaians don’t trust politicians anymore – Kumbour

Former MP for Nandom Constituency, Dr. Benjamin Kumbour

Former Member of Parliament for Nandom, Dr Benjamin Kumbour has noted that Ghanaian electorate vote not because they trust politicians but because they have to exercise that franchise.

Dr Kumbour told host of Onua FM’s Morning show Kwame Tutu that Ghanaians are increasingly not prepared to put their destiny into the hands of politicians.

“I will be honest with you as a politician myself and tell you that nobody trusts us. People just go to cast their votes not because they trust us but because they have to, and for other considerations.

“People are increasingly not prepared to put their destiny into our hands.”

In order to change the narrative, he suggested that politicians must begin to have a conversation about how politics, governance and democracy should be practiced in the country.

“That is why I want we as politicians to begin a new conversation, a critical conversation about what politics, governance and democracy is about in this country,” he said.

He further stated that “Times change and then the style and mode of communication too change so we are bound to have some difference in terms of how debate went on at the time that we were in parliament and how debate goes on now.

“We are beginning to take our democracy for granted. That is unfortunately one of the developments I am witnessing now.”

Source: Tv3 Ghana

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