Tailors cry Foul After attempts to force Vaccine on Them

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Some Tailors and dressmakers within Upper West have gone wild over attempts to force the covid-19 vaccine on them.

Speaking to some trainees in Wa, they expressed worry and dismay at the development calling for authorities to explain why they have to be forced to take the vaccine against their interest, they added that the vaccine was said to be optional per sources.

Speaking to the Upper West Regional Chairman of the Ghana Tailors and Dressmakers Association he debunked the claims.

We haven’t compelled Tailors to Take Covid Vaccine – Dress Makers Association Chairman

Upper West Regional Chairman for the National Tailors and Dressmakers Association, Mr. Saeed Abdul Moomin has debunked speculations suggesting all trainees under his division must get vaccinated with the new Covid vaccine before they will qualify to pass out.

Explaining the Issue, he stated that there was a meeting between himself and the Upper West Regional Police Commander, Inspector Aboagye Nyarko and decisions were taken that their Passing out program be withheld till they vaccinate some group of people.

Some Trainees practicing to become tailors have rumored that the covid-19 vaccine is to be forced on them.

Per the chairman’s statement, the police commander was against too many people coming together for such an occasion.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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