Assembly Member bemoans poor access to healthcare services at Jagluu

Acting Upper West Regional Director of Health, Dr. Damian Punguyire

Assembly Member for Jagluu Electoral Area in the Wa West District, Bapile Moses have bemoaned the poor access to healthcare services at Jagluu due to the lack of a health facility at community.

He said Jagluu is the Electoral Area Centre but that the community has no health facility, forcing the people to trek several kilometers to Gurungu or Wechiau to access healthcare services.


Mr Bapile, who raised the concern in an interview with Info Radio, noted that Jagluu is about 13 kilometers away from the nearest health facility at Gurungu, but that pregnant women, children and the aged at Jagluu have to travel to Gurungu to access healthcare services.

According to Mr Bapile, pregnant women sometimes deliver on the way to the facility or at home due to the long distance they have to cover before accessing the facility.
He said the lack of health facility and the distance to cover also discourage women from attending Antenatal and Postnatal services.
The Assembly Member also noted that only two communities in the electoral that health facilities are also suffering from lack of electricity as healthcare services delivery at night is almost non-existence.
He said the health staff resort to the use of torchlight to deliver the services at night.
The Assembly Member revealed that the District Assembly had made a promise to provide the community with a health facility but are yet to meet that promise.

The assembly member therefore appealed to benevolent organisations to come their aid by providing the Jagluu community with a health facility to help improve access to healthcare services.

Source: Info Radio

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