Lack of an irrigational dam at Banungoma leaves women and youth idle

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Lack of an irrigational dam at Banungoma in the Baayiri Electoral Area of the Wa East District has left many women and youth unemployed and idle during the season.

The residents of the community made this known in an interview with Info Radio at the community.

They noted that the presence of an irrigational in the community could have the young men and women engaged productively in dry season gardening to earn a living, adding that they could produce vegetables for family consumption.


They however noted that a dam was constructed at Kataa, a neighboring community under the One Village One Dam initiative which they were supposed to share with the people of Kataa but said it is far from them so as they to make gardens there.


The residents said they have complaints about the dam to their Assembly Member but have since not heard any favorable news.


They therefore appeal to the Wa East District Assembly and the government to provide them with an irrigational dam.

Source: Info Radio

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