Sissala West: Roads to Dr. Limann’s Gwollu in tatters

Roads in Sissala West

Roads connecting Gwollu, the Sissala West District Capital to Tumu, and neighboring communities are all in a deplorable state.

The hometown of Ghana’s 3rd Repúblican President late Dr. Hilla Limann is in shambles as many motorists are currently struggling to ply various routes leading to the area.

An activist in the District Mr. Latif Lawrence Jorhowie bemoaned his frustrations on various platforms about how a late president’s home would be left to rot by successive governments.

He insisted that though the late president didn’t do much concerning their poor road network, especially the road linking Tumu through to Jeffisi and Gwollu, various governments have not also done enough to support the area after his demise.

Yet, politicians kept on capturing the roads in their books prior to every election to influence voters to give them jaw-dropping victory, he added. Lawrence and many other residents who are worried about this development partly dragged the Former president’s name for neglecting his hometown in the interest of the nation.They believe Dr. Hilla Limann becoming president was an opportunity to lessen their plights especially by constructing the porous and heart-wrenching roads, but that suddenly became a mirage.

He said “I don’t know if I have to blame him (Dr. Limann) for not constructing the road to his hometown when he had the opportunity to lead the country or I should praise him for not prioritizing his community over the nation’s general interest!”

They (residents of Gwollu) therefore called on the government to come to their aid by constructing their bad roads.Gwollu is one of the areas in the Upper West Region well known for its large-scale maize production and has generally been referred to as the food basket of the region.

Gwollu was once part of the then Sissala District which had encompassed both East and the West.

Gwollu is now the capital for the West and Tumu for the East.Both districts are very popular for their large-scale farming.This analogy therefore reinforces the concerns raised by residents to have their roads fixed as agriculture and good roads are indispensable.

Source: Kasapa FM

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