Another Rain Destroys SHS Structure, Other Buildings in Lambussie

Heavy Rain Destroys Properties in Lambussie

Heavy rains in Lambussie District in the Upper West Region on the 23rd and 26th of May 2021 which lasted about three hours on the above dates respectively have caused a great deal of damage, according to the National Disaster Management Organisation(NADMO) Lambussie.

A heavy downpour on Sunday and Wednesday in the Lambussie District has caused heavy havoc to some houses and schools. The heavy rain also caused serious damage to 53 houses and destroyed items like foodstuffs, television, books, clothing, etc. Communities such as Hiineteng, Liero, Chognouri, Koro-bognuo, Chebogo, Pina, and Bulli were badly affected. According to a report by the NADMO in the District a total of 297 males were displaced and a total of 268 females.

Meanwhile, thunderstorms accompanied by strong wind have unroofed the Lambussie Community day Senior High School.

According to Dontege Belinku Aloysius Lambie District NADMO Director, “the Organisation is confronted with series of challenges which is preventing us from carrying out our task to the fullest any time such an unfortunate incident happens”.

The National Disaster Management Organisation in the District is faced with challenges such as lack of relief items which making some zonal officers getting attacked by victims for not relieving them, unfortunately, no relief items have been given to us, and that prevents some zonal officers from going for disaster reports, again, lack of funds to organise community durbars and radio programmes, and means of transport to ease our work are serious handicaps. The Director expanded.

The Lambussie District NADMO Director is therefore appealing for support to relieve the victims.

Source: Abdul Rashid Issah/Hamile

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