American Senator Traces his roots to Upper West

Senator Returns to Tumu

A former American Senator has traced his origin to Tumu in the Sissala East Municipality of Upper West Region.

He has been identified as part of the Kanton Family.

Today in Tumu, the Royal family of the Kanton welcomed Mr. Myron D. Jackson from the Virgin Island in the United States of America. He brought the mortal remains of his late father for the African traditional rites and thus a befitting fair well. Before this, Mr Myron Jackson had traced their root to Africa, Ghana and Tumu precisely. He paid two visits and acquainted with the people.

He will be witnessing a typical traditional funeral of a landlord and spiritual leader of Tumu as well as his that of his late dad.

He posted this on his Facebook Page:

In Serach Of Identity Saga

39th Anniversary Visit

The Virgin Islands and Ghana

Day 7

Last Right

This is my 39th Anniversary return visit to the ancestral home of the Kanton/Canton Clan in Tumu, Ghana. Today is Sunday the third day of rites for our departed elder Baba Lurimuah also know as Landlord and memorials for those who have passed.

We began our participation at 10:30 – 7:30.

Join me of this journey of a Return Home!

Pictures from the Myron D. Jackson Collection”.

Second Post

In Search Of Identity Saga

Virgin Islands and Ghana

The 39th Anniversary Visit

The Arrival In Tumu

Day 6

Last Rites of Baba Lurimuah Kanton and Memorials

Baba Lurimuah Kanton know to the community as Landlord was the elder and spiritual leader of the Tumu community. When I arrived in 1982 he was present and supportive of our visit. On my return in 2020 he was also there and accounted my 1982 visit and purpose. His departure leaves a big void for the community history, traditions and culture. The following are last rites traditions given by the Kanton Royal Clan and the Tumu community.

Photos the Collection of Myron D. Jackson”.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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